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Carole is my nan-in-law, she is 78 years old and lives in a small town in South Wales. She is a beautiful, eternal optimist with the energy and spirit of a 20-year-old. Carole is married to Brian who is a quiet and reserved kind of guy - the complete opposite to Carole in many ways. When they were young, Carole wanted to move to London to become an actress but the big city life wasn’t for Brian so they stayed put.


When Carole turned 68 she decided to become a background actor for the BBC to feel like she had accomplished her dream in some way, but sadly the long hours and drive to Cardiff were eventually too much so she gave it up. Carole is an engaging story-teller with a cracking sense of humour and a beautiful singing voice - she has it all. I wanted to give her more of a glimpse into the life of an artist and the opportunity to be the actress she was meant to be. I felt if we worked together, it would be a chance for her to inspire elders to not give up on their dreams and to prove to the world that life doesn’t end when you reach a certain age. So with this in mind, we spent a week together at Liverpool's Everyman and Playhouse theatres back in 2019. During this time we had a photoshoot, long chat's about ageism, script-writing sessions, a chat with Liverpool legend Eithne Browne, a trip to the theatre and an improvisation masterclass. We ended the week performing an excerpt of the script we had written at Mooncup Theatre's 'Scratch and Scran' at 17 Love Lane. It was an extremely special and thought-provoking week, maybe we will have the opportunity to continue this work at some point in the future?

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Everyman/Playhouse, Liverpool






Created by Ashleigh Owen & Carole Richards • Dramaturgy by Francesca Peschier • Photography by Christopher Grundy • Improvisation Workshop by Carl Fowler.

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