• Ashleigh Owen

Why I'm off to London this week...

Hi Pals,

Well, it's all go-go-go for me at the moment and I have a very exciting week ahead. On Wednesday I'm heading down to London to perform in The Space-In Between which part of Unlimited Festival at the Southbank Centre on Thursday. I'm so excited to share excerpts of the work I have been creating over the past year and to see what all the other amazing artists have been up to. The event is totally sold out but here are all the details:

Featuring creators from across the UK, this day of art reconsiders bodies and abilities.

Join us for occupation, performance, mess, musings, cups of tea, glitter, and protest.

The Space In-between asks us to look beyond the binary choice between ’normative’ and ‘othered’ bodies and proposes a new creative approach.

Presented by Metal and Associate Producer Kate Marsh, the event is the culmination of 18 months of activity.

It features work by 24 artists from across the UK who have taken part in intensive research and development labs and residencies at Metal in Peterborough, Southend and Liverpool.

Presenting artists include Sarah Blanc, Tim Casson, Julie Cleves, Gareth Cutter, Tanja Erhart, Kitty Fedorec, Kimberley Harvey, Rob Hesp, Jemima Hoadley, Rowan James, Matt Lewis, Catherine Hoffman, Samuel Kennedy, Ella Mesma, Fernanda Munoz-Newsome, Gemma Nash, Hamish MacPherson, Welly O’Brien, Ashleigh P. Owen, Robbie Synge and Vicky Malin.

The programme is generously supported by Arts Council England Change Makers.

On Friday I'll be paying homage to one of my favourite humans Scottee at his event I Made It at The Roundhouse in Camden. I will be (trying to) recreate from memory one of his cabaret acts from the past 10 years, here are the full details about the event and the link to book (IT'S NEARLY SOLD OUT SO DO IT NOW):


Artist and weirdo Scottee is celebrating 10 years of making a mess, causing a fuss and getting ideas above his station with a recollection of his cabaret and performance work.

You are invited to watch well known show-offs, lesser known punters, and die hard fans perform – from memory – 10 pieces of Scottee’s work in an ego-fueled variety show hosted by the fatso himself!

These special events launch his collaboration with Live Art Development Agency (LADA) on two publications – I Made It, a swanky archive book, and The Outsiders’ Handbook, a survival guide for queer and trans* young people – both of which will be available on the night.

We can’t promise this won’t be a shambles. There will be a booze trolley if all else fails.

See you soon London!




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