• Ashleigh Owen

HIP HIP I'M GAY! audience feedback

Hi Pals,

I've put HIP HIP I'M GAY! to bed for a little nap whilst I come up with a master plan to bring it to audiences far and wide. I've been reflecting on the whole process a lot recently and I'm extremely proud of this piece of work. The cast and I are beyond grateful to the audience members who came along to the 4 work-in-progress performances we did, especially for those of you who shouted about it online and filled out the feedback forms. I've spent the day tying up Arts Council admin ends and I went through all 50+ feedback forms again and cried... again. I thought I'd share some with you because they are lovely and why not?

“This was a superb piece of theatre. Funny, moving, angry and liberating in so many ways.”

"The most inspiring, moving, funny, sad, heartfelt, tearful, humbling, empowering thing I've seen in such a long time."

"A call out for people everywhere to feel better about sharing their personal struggles with sexuality."

"I felt like I was watching my own thoughts play out in front of me."

“You have touched upon the core of what it is to be human, to feel different, ‘other’.”

"I suffer with severe depression and anxiety. It shows people like me you can change and you are stronger than what you think."

"I was captivated from the very start until the final tear drop."

"A balance of comedy, beauty and tragedy that tells such an important story."

"I cried so much my eyelashes fell off."

"I feel stronger after watching this, liberated."

"A show everyone can connect to."

"An emotional rollercoaster that took me through a journey of lightness and darkness."

“I laughed, I bawled my eyes out and I left with a sense of belonging.”

"Beautifully relatable."

"Powerful, funny, moving, heartfelt, uplifting - glorious."

“Thank you for opening my eyes – mental illness isn’t a weakness.”

"The performance has touched me so much and I know I'll remember it forever."

"I loved the contrast in tone. It approached a difficult topic in a clever way."

“We really need more theatre like this.”

"You are part of the solution that will make the world we live in more understanding."

"It brought up some deep memories and I'm thankful for that because I should never forget."




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