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Back to rehearsals!

Hi Pals,

We got more Arts Council Funding for HIP HIP I'M GAY! YIPPEE! We're doing 4 performances next month to preview the show and see how people feel about it.

9th November - Unity Theatre Liverpool - Tickets: HERE

13th November - Private performance for GYRO

14th November - The Studio Widnes - Tickets: COMING SOON

16th November - 17 Love Lane - Tickets: COMING SOON

Since the research and development residency at Metal I've been mostly rewriting the show and working with the ridiculously talented singer-songwriter Rose Betts, who has composed original music to the songs we have written. I LOVE THEM! In September we performed an excerpt of the show at a Mental Health Symposium at John Moores University and I performed a solo excerpt at the Southbank Centre as part of Metal's The Space: Inbetween event. I have had some brilliant feedback so far and I really think we are on to something special with this show. All of the excitement and nerves are bubbling away as this is the biggest venture of my career so far. I feel extremely fortunate to be collaborating with such an amazing creative team! Here's what the cast have to say about the process so far...

"We’re still knee deep in the creation of Hip Hip I’m Gay but the process so far has been worth every minute. Ashleigh received such genuine accounts of mental health from members of the LGBTQ+ community and that has driven the entire team to create a piece that is as honest, mad and messy as the lived experience’s we’re representing (with some cracking tunes thrown in for good measure). It’s been a sort of therapy to all of us involved!"


"Working alongside performers who struggle with mental health and dealing with other people's stories has been a strange form of therapy, by showing acceptance, accepting things we feel we shouldn't talk about but are important. Hip Hip I'm Gay provokes the right conversations and tells stories that need to be told, each cast member brought different skills and experiences to the table to create an educational rant, already through the R and D week / symposium performance we have reached a varied audience who I believe, will think about attitudes towards a wide spread problem through art forms. The show is already looking very strong and I am exited to be a part of an important piece of theatre."


" The process so far has been thoroughly creative, challenging and rewarding. It has been wonderful to explore the words of others and to explore themes in depth, both of which I relate and deeply resonate to. It has also educated me greatly and opened me up on both a personal and artistic level. I really feel a lot of pride and love for this piece and the process that it has gone through to get up to this point. The research and development weeks were extremely rewarding and useful and we were able to experiment, share and explore in a way that gave us time and space to create lots of material and play around with ideas. I think the piece is really special, and I feel it is needed. The response so far been overwhelmingly positive and also reiterated the importance of creating a dialogue and expression of ideas surrounding mental health and the issues and experiences the LGBTQ+ community have and still face today and how much these stories still need to be told. I am very grateful to be a part of such a wonderful and inspiring project."


"I feel so grateful to be part of a story that is so close to home and a reality for many still. I am ready to tell this story again with all the love, humour and truth it deserves with a cast of talented beautiful people. The process so far has also been a cathartic and reflective time and hope this can only enrich the performance."


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