The Rise and Fall of the Hamburger Queen is a story that may seem like it treads a familiar path. A one woman show, A performer struggling to make it in the harsh world of showbiz, life lessons, colourful characters, and the most graphic musical number about childbirth you’re likely to find anywhere else.

Building on the success of last year’s Scratch and See performance, Homotopia Festival are now bringing you the full shebang. The brainchild of Ashleigh Owen and Paul Burke, the show tells Ashleigh’s real life journey in trying to make it as a performer and the struggles along the way (the term ‘real life’ is one to be taken with a huge pinch of salt!).

Ashleigh has expanded upon her solo award winning cabaret piece “A Fat Girls History of Dance” which won her the crown at Scottee & Amy Lamé's acclaimed talent competition/beauty pageant for plus size people; “Hamburger Queen”.

It’s a one woman show unlike any other. It's a one woman parody, with original musical numbers, outlandish characters, several dance routines, a killer script and did we mention the childbirth bit!? (Sorry mum).

This show explores being an outsider; building on the experiences and the challenges competing for work in commercial theatre brings through their obsession with size, age and ‘beauty’.

But don’t worry too much about the serious stuff, you'll be laughing and tapping your feet too much to notice. You might even learn something..... About yourself!


"A hilarious night of comedic flare"


8.5/10 - Excellent

"Rarely are there moments when at least one of the spectators is not laughing"

8.5/10 - Excellent


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