The Bald Prima Donna

"...Story telling, nonsensical poetry and meaningless banter...

'The Bald Prima Donna' is an absurdist play written by Eugene Ionesco. It is a satirical representation of the English language and the ignorant upper class in the 1950’s. Our interpretation of the text is very much a visual and physical piece with elements of physical theatre, music theatre and visual comedy.

The Smiths are joined by the Martins for a typically English dinner party at their typically English home: “We had a very good meal this evening and that’s because we are English, that’s because we live in a suburb of London and because our name is Smith.”

The Captain of The Fire Brigade arrives unannounced in search of a fire that may need extinguishing; “business has been bad,” he confesses. Their evening consists of story telling, nonsensical poetry and meaningless banter. The absurdism within the piece is prominent throughout the text, and movement sequences. It is also heightened through our use of music and song. This is not the type of performance that requires the audience to follow the narrative closely, look for meaning or search for elements of symbolism. We advise you to sit back and embrace the madness."


"The production is a thrilling ride through a lunatic love asylum. Tightly directed, with so much panache, detail & faultless comic timing. Can't recommend it enough!"

"I became almost hysterical it was so funny (and also, just such a joy to watch). I really didn't want it to end. Amazing play, cast and directing. So glad to have caught it, really hope it will come around again at some point, because I would definitely see it again."

"I implore you to go and see it! Utter hilarity! The cast are immensely talented and the interpretation of the script is exceptional!"

“Absolutely astounding performance. Congratulations to all involved! Hilarious from start to finish.”

“Truly amazing! One of the funniest shows I have seen in a long time.”

“Absurdly hilarious show. It kept me on my toes and made my cheeks ache from laughing so much. Perfect comic timing throughout. I loved it.” 

"Oh my God I bloody loved the work. All of the players were amazing and anyone who misses this show does so at the detriment of their funny bone, which I have heard is very unforgiving!" 

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